CFD Citizens Fire Academy



The Carthage Fire Department Citizen Academy is designed to increase the understanding of the fire and emergency medical operations and to promote citizen interaction with the Carthage Fire Department firefighters.

This program was created to enhance awareness of the department’s capabilities and limitations: develop realistic expectations of response times from the point of dispatch and to develop a co-operative relationship between firefighters and the citizens of Carthage.

We will provide participants with an overview of the major divisions within the department as well as a general overview of firefighting and emergency medical services the department provides. there also will be a forum for firefighter-citizen-exchange.

If you are interested in attending these classes, please contact Fire Marshal Tom Nixon or Dana Carver at 417-237-7100

Week 1

Fire department overview

This would include department organization, make up, responsibilities of apparatus and what we do on a daily basis. This would be similar to the police and fire commission orientation that new recruits go through.The history of the fire service, and the history of the Carthage fire dept.  The everyday operations of the secretary reports, fire reports payroll firehouse. 

Fire Behavior

This would begin to include the fire tetrahedron, heat transfer, law of heat flow, BTU, calories and follow the OSFM FFII module for Fire behavior.

Tools and Equipment   

This final segment of week one would be to go onto the apparatus floor and open all the cabinets and pull out and explain each tool and its use.

Week 2

Fire extinguishers

After the classroom lecture portion student will operate and extinguish fires using a pressurized extinguisher, CO2, and dry chemical extinguisher in burn pans.


Students will have a lecture in the dynamics of hose construction and the various sizes. Students will then have the opportunity to use the various size hose lines and streams with various nozzles. How to unload and load hose back on the truck.

Week 3

Ventilation / Ladders 

This drill will incorporate different ventilation techniques including instructing windward, leeward, hydralic, positive pressure, negative pressure in a classroom setting. Students will also use manual tools including axes and mauls, and power tools using the K-12 and cutters . Students will also climb a ground ladder and be shown window ventilation.  We will go over all of the types of ladders and there functions . We will set up the ladder truck and operate the ladder on the truck . We will climb the ladder with a fire dept. personal assisting .

Week 4


Another review of the hydralic rescue tools followed by an extrication drill using full turn outs. Different methods and rescue techniques will be shown. We will have a car to demonstrate the tools on at the station.

Week 5

SCBA / Search and Rescue

Students will become familiar with all components of the self contained breathing apparatus and practice donning and operating  the SCBA . A practice will be conducted following a hose line with the SCBA on and and the thermal imaging camera monitoring students in the bunk room at the station.

Search and rescue

Students will be taught basic search and rescue methods . These will include drags and carries . The practical portion will be doing a search and rescue in the bunk room at the station

Week 6

EMS Training

Students will be taught basic first aid and also be trained and certified in CPR.   A complete tour of the ambulances and all equipment will all be provided to students.

Week 7

Live Fire Training

Based on the input of the instructors and the level of training each person has, small fires will be set  that will be extinguished by the student in full protective gear including SCBA alongside a qualified instructor. There will be a flash over trailer on site for all students to go through.


Students will be presented with a certificate of completion and be honored at a Carthage meeting set up in conjunction with the fire department personnel and the City safety committee .The fire dept. personal will serve a meal to all the students and the city safety committee. This will take place at the fire dept.

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