Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Architect and Engineering Services

For the Carthage Fire Department Station No. 2

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The City of Carthage, Missouri invites, by this Request for Qualifications (RFQ), qualified firms to submit letters of interest and qualifications to the City to provide architectural and engineering services for the construction of Fire Station No. 2.  Firms submitting statements of qualifications must be experienced in providing architectural services as outlined in this document.

Agency Background:

The Carthage Fire Department protects approximately 14,378 residents in 11.60 square miles within the incorporated city limits of Carthage and approximately 25,000 residents in the 158.8 square miles of the Carthage Fire Protection District.  All fire department operations are currently conducted from one location and with six on-duty personnel each day.  The fire department responds to approximately 1,600 calls for service annually.

A functional needs assessment was completed in 2011 which focused on population growth, property development, five year trends in calls for service, response times, staffing, and equipment needs of a second fire station.

The functional needs assessment identified the need of a fully functional fire station at/near the intersection of Missouri Highway 571 and Grand Avenue and within the Peachtree CID.  Subsequent to the functional needs assessment, the City of Carthage received approximately 3 acres of commercial property at the abovementioned location to be used for the construction of a second fire station.


The Consultant will assist with final station site placement criteria and recommendations related to ingress and egress along Missouri Highway 571 at or near the intersection of Grand Avenue.

Fire Station No. 2 is envisioned to be a three bay drive through station, with bay depth to be approximately 70 feet in length.

The design is envisioned to include living and work spaces designed with function, efficiency and durability as evident priorities.

Scope of Work:

Basic Scope of Services: The Architect will be responsible to complete or retain consultants for the following basic services. The Architect will be required to complete all the necessary phases: Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Administration.

Submission Requirements:

The purpose of this RFQ is to demonstrate the qualifications, competence, and capacity of the firm seeking to provide architectural and engineering services to the City.  As such, the substance of the submittals will carry more weight than their form or manner of presentation.  The submittal should demonstrate the qualifications of the firm and of the particular staff to be assigned to this engagement.

There is no expressed or implied obligation for the department to reimburse responding firms for any expense incurred in preparing submittals in response to this request.

To receive consideration, six (6) copies of the qualifications submittal must be received at: Carthage City Clerk, Carthage City Hall, 326 South Grant Street, Carthage, MO  64836.  The envelope must be sealed and state “Sealed RFQ – Fire Station No. 2”.  All submittals must be received by 2:00 p.m., April 15, 2014.  No submittals received after the deadline will be considered.

General Requirements:

Inquiries requesting clarification regarding the Request for Qualification (RFQ) or the content therein should be directed Fire Chief Christopher B. Thompson.  All inquiries must be made in writing.

Participants are expressly instructed that the RFQ contact person is the only authorized source of information concerning solicitation.  Contact with unauthorized agents of the department while solicitation and evaluation are in process will result in immediate disqualification.

Firm Qualifications and Experience:

The submittal shall state the firm’s affiliations or partnerships represented for the proposed project.  For each entity represented in the submittal, the following shall be provided:  Size of the firm, the organizational structure, the offices in which the work of this engagement will be performed, and the number and nature of the staff to be employed on a full-time or part-time basis.

The submittal shall state any and all information regarding the circumstances and status of any investigations or disciplinary action taken or pending with national or state regulatory bodies against the firm or firms included in the submittal.  Include the same information for the firm’s management during the past ten (10) years.

The firm shall have successfully completed a minimum of three (3) fire station construction projects.

Provide a project data sheet for each fire station the firm has designed within the last ten (10) years.  Provide references for each facility.  References should include an individual’s name, phone number and address for the following:  Owner’s representative, the prime contractor or construction manager who constructed the facility and the end user.

Provide information on other types of projects the firm has designed in the last ten (10) years.  These projects may include activities that are not directly related.

The firm shall provide a minimum of one concept drawing to the City with this submittal.

The firm shall provide a list of two to three (2-3) completed projects for the Selection Committee to personally visit and tour.

Budget Experience:

Provide examples of similar projects in which the firm has provided design services within the client’s budget criteria.  Provide client references for each project, as well as, information on the project budget amount, original bid amount and change orders approved.

Provide information regarding previous fire station projects the firm has designed.  This information should include the year built, square footage, duration of construction and design and the construction costs.

The firm shall provide a budget analysis of the last three fire stations completed.  The budget analysis should detail cost anticipated and actual cost of construction for each project; as well as anticipated construction time and actual completion of each project.

Staff Qualifications and Experience:

The firm shall identify the principal staff members who would be assigned to the engagement and indicate whether such person is licensed to conduct business in the State of Missouri.  Provide information on relevant continuing professional education for the past three (3) years and membership in professional organizations relevant to the performance of this engagement.

Provide the names and resumes of the key team members to be committed to the project, including any sub-consultants. For each of the key personnel, identify their role specific to this project. Include an organization chart outlining the proposed team’s organization. Show key project positions identified by title and line of authority/responsibility and communication.

License to Practice in Missouri:

An affirmative statement should be included indicating that the firm and all assigned key professional staff are properly licensed to practice in Missouri.

Selection Criteria:

The City of Carthage will evaluate the qualifications based on the following criteria:

  1. Key Personnel – qualifications and availability of key team members.
  2. General Firm Experience – experience relevant to fire station design within the last ten (10) years.

C.    Project Approach – statement of the project understanding and any specific strategies that your firm will employ to assure project success.

D.    Past Record of performance of the firm and personnel in respect to cost control, quality of work, and ability to meet schedules.

The most qualified firms will be selected to further engage the City with regard to the project.

Rights of the City:

The City of Carthage reserves the right to award in the best interest of the City.  The City reserves the right to accept or reject any and all submittals, without prejudice or any items or part thereof, or to waive any informality in submittals.

Responsiveness will be determined on the basis of the firm’s adherence to all specifications and other submittal requirements.  Such determination shall be made after each submittal opening.  A firm’s qualification to perform shall be determined on the basis of skill, integrity and ability to perform as proposed, in light of experience, facilities and financial solvency.

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